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Solar shading is imperative in Australia. Some elevations will often get the full day sun while others are subject to it at various other times. Solar shading will decrease direct solar heat and help reduce air-conditioning loads and operating costs, providing a practical and appealing architectural feature to the building. For this reason, vertically mounted in front of a window and awning type horizontally mounted sun screening can be found on almost every new building. Email Ventilation can provide a cost effective solar shading solution to meet budget, performance and architectural requirements of any project.

Solar Shading (General)

Installation of system requires structural attachments. These to are to be provided by others and may include RHS or SHS, purlins, structural window members, slab or blockwork.

Vertically Face Mounted

When fixed, the maximum drop of the shade cannot exceed 900mm without additional bottom supports. In this case a support will be installed to strengthen the shade from wind load. A frame for mounting a screen out from the wall is a 60 x 40 x 3 aluminium rhs up to 600mm and is used for fixing screen blade mullions also. Greater than 600mm off the face of a building will require larger support frame members. Support frames typically have a base plate for fixing to building structure.

Maximum width off building structure for awning mounted screens is 600mm using a 60 x 40 x 3 rhs frame with base plate mounted to building structure. Greater widths will incorporate bracing of screen support frame back to building structure. SSV series offers different screen blade profiles that can be selected without change to the mounting system.

SSA - Acoustic Blade

The SSA is a form pressed large awning style solar shade blade that has a removable perforated panel on the underside. At 500mm wide, the blade provides good shading and can be filled with acoustic foam or bats to help reduce noise either entering or leaving the building. If required, the product can be set up as an awning over the window, or multiple blades can be installed vertically in front of the window. EA SSA was specifically designed for University buildings and schools and can be used as an attractive building feature while aiding in noise reduction and providing effective sun shading.


The SSB is an extruded product for general solar shading. At 160mm wide, multiple blades can placed together in a vertical or horizontal arrangement and will provide good shading and an appealing construction design. The blade is available in a range of finishes and a variety of fixings, pitches and layouts.

SSV Series

The SSV series solar shading is a customised system to create an aesthetically effective and practical shading solution. The fixed extruded blades can be made to suit the project or you can choose one of the standard profiles. The SSV1 & SSV6 are awning type and also screens that are frame fixed horizontally above the window. Email Ventilation is able to offer the SSV sun screening products as an alternative to traditional louvre grilles being more cost effective and similar in appearance.

SPF Series (SPF10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 50)

The SPF series solar shading is available as a fixed or operable elliptical blade system. These screens can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The blades are created from extruded aluminium and are available in a range of finishes. Blade sizes start at 90mm (SPF10) up to 300mm (SPF50).
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Solar Shading
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