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Multiple Roller Automatic Fire Curtain
Automatic fire curtains are now regularly used as an alternative to fire shutters, and building designers are requiring curtains to replace partition walls spanning large openings. Large single roller systems using support rollers were trialled but the supporting rollers soon damaged the fabric also the integrity of the fabric could not be guaranteed when the panels were sewn together on site.
An overlapping system was preferred and subsequently tested to BS 476: pt22. Rollers with an overlap of 600 mm were installed in a mild steel head box joined with a common bottom bar. An integrity rating of 240 minutes was achieved.


FC240M uses the same gravity fail safe method of operation as the FC240S. Overlapping rollers with a diameter of 76 mm would be used for curtains with a drop up to 5.0m. For curtains with a drop greater than 5.0m 127mm diameter tubes can be used to prevent deflection, fabric “travel” and “bunching”. The head box is manufactured from 1.2mm galvanised steel, the box can be powder coated to any standard RAL finish.

As shown in the diagram below the rollers will include for a 600mm overlap. The rollers must be positioned one above the other (over & under) to prevent the curtain gaping at the top and losing integrity.
Curtains with a drop of 3.0m or less would be housed in a head box with dimensions of 180mm wide x 290mm high.
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