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Smoke & Fire Curtains
Applications & Description

When a smoke or fire curtain is required to deploy in an emergency situation it is probable that the mains supply to the control panel may have already failed and that the cables linking the curtains to the control panel might become damaged. Under these circumstances with no power available the curtain will have to deploy by gravity. For this reason the EAV/BLE SD60 and FC240 systems are always deployed by gravity, every time the system is tested it is a 100% confirmation of the fail safe operation of the system.

A test in which a curtain is powered down under normal test conditions from either mains power or the battery supply is only proving that it can deploy when powered. This does not confirm an ability to fail safe.

SD60 and FC240 are gravity fail safe Automatic Curtain systems utilising the latest in electronic technology. The systems meet the requirements of British, European & American standards, a list of which can be seen in this catalogue. All BLE smoke curtain systems are manufactured in accordance with our BS EN ISO 9001 certification.


Under normal conditions the curtain is retracted in the head box and is held in position by the electronics contained within a remote enclosure mounted on the motor end of the box. The bottom bar will be resting against the under side of the box or below the box if a stopping bar is installed, the stopping bar will then rest against the box. In the event of a fire condition or operation of the test key switch the group control panel removes the power to the curtain motors. The curtain descends in a controlled manner under the power of gravity and stops in the lower position when all the fabric is unwound from the roller. When the signal is reset the group control panel re connects the power to the motors which will retract the curtains to the up position.

Should the mains power fail to the group control panel the supply is automatically switched to the integral standby battery. The curtain remains in the retracted position for approximately 3 hours. The curtain will remain fully operational until the battery low voltage cut off reads a voltage less than 85% of the nominal, the curtains will then descend under the power of gravity to the operational position.

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