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Automatic Fire Curtain
The FC240S Automatic Fire Curtain is fully certified to BS: 476 Part 22 have a rating of 270 minutes at 1000º C.
The wire reinforced fabric was subjected to a heat flux density test. The following results were recorded at 1.0m away from the curtain:
15 Minutes - 1.6KW/m2  30 Minutes - 2.6KW/m2  60 Minutes - 4.4KW/m2
FC240 incorporates the latest technology to allow gravity fail safe operation and also eradicates the need for limit switches. The integral tubular motor and the motor control circuit together provide a current limiting facility for the upper curtain position and back EMF generation for the controlled fail safe descent. Fire & test deployment is always by gravity, even when the mains and battery supply is available. This proves that the system will operate under worst case (mains and battery failure) conditions.

Fire curtains up to 6.0m with a drop of less than 5.0m can be manufactured from a single span 76 mm diameter roller. For curtains with a drop greater than 5.0m a 127mm diameter tube shall be used to avoid curtain “travel” and “bunching” due to the large number of fabric layers on the tube when rewound. The larger 127mm tube is also more rigid and therefore less prone to deflection.

The head box is manufactured from 1.2mm galvanised steel, the box can be powder coated to any standard RAL finish. The standard bottom bar is manufactured from mild steel angle with an overall dimension of 42mm having a weight of 1.76 Kg per linear metre. For curtains less than 2.3m wide a 4.3 Kg per linear metre bottom bar would be used to ensure correct deployment under gravity. The “T” bar can be powder coated to any standard RAL finish.
fd3 fire curtain lay out.jpg
Single roller head box - 180 mm wide x 180 mm high based upon a curtain drop of 3 metres, larger drops would require oversized boxes. The head box will be supplied with a galvanised steel finish although a powder coated or stainless steel finish can provided as an optional extra.
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