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Application & Description

ELV and SLV are a single stage system, designed to aesthetically conceal intake and exhaust openings associated with air conditioning and ventilation systems, whilst providing moderate defence against wind and rain. Also suitable for plant and cooling tower screening. The system is designed to cope with all terrain conditions.

Often used as a decorative cladding, the external appearance remains unchanged regardless of whether it is used as a facade (LV- single water channel) or as a weatherable air inlet/outlet (SLV -dual water channels). This versatility enables economical use of both configurations where the requirement is for a continuous visual effect across a building facade in which is incorporated one or more air inlets or exhausts.

Aesthetic and architectural appearance: a choice of Colorbond, aluminium or zincalume material is available. Finishes include mill, powder coated, anodized or Colorbond. Supported by concealed mullions, ELV/SLV may be installed as individual modules or in an unbroken line without limit to either height or length through both internal and external corners. The ability to see through the louvre can be eliminated from particularly high level applications by inverting the louvre.

Typical applications include cooling towers, plant and transformer rooms, as well as ventilation for exhaust and air intakes.

Architectural Louvres
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