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About Us
Our Mission
To lead the market with Innovative sustainable low energy systems in Solar Shading, Natural Ventilation Smoke and Fire Control Solutions.
We aspire to give our clients builders, tects, engineer's designers and developers the confidence to engage our services on an ongoing basis.
They know they will be provided with professional customer service together with the highest quality materials available in Aluminium, Stainless steel, Steel or composites

We are committed to ensuring that our natural ventilation, weather protection, smoke and fire control solutions are the best available.

Our installation teams work promptly and efficiently, allowing project managers, engineers and builders to focus on the more vital issues of construction process.

Our Commitment
We are fully committed to providing outstanding service and competitive pricing.
Environment our products are environmentally sustainable and made from recycled stock , we manufacture products that reduce energy and create sustainable living environments.
Innovation we are continually developing new processes & materials  to achieve the best performance under all conditions, reducing heat and water ingress where mechanical or natural ventilation occurs. We provide solar shading solutions to increase air conditioning efficiency and reduce energy use and costs. Fire and smoke control products are designed to be integrated into fire safety systems to ensure maximum time for the safe evacuation of a building in the event of a Fire.

All work is guaranteed, meeting all Australian and International standards where applicable.

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