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SLV - One Stage Step Louvre
The SLV is assembled either in the factory when in modular form, or on-site for a continuous look. It can be used as a single stage louvre where high ventilation is required with the need for added weather protection.
Performance & Testing
Airflow and pressure drop tests carried out determined aerodynamic coefficients of 0.32 for the single stage. During weatherability tests at the National Building Technology Centre, one stage louvres have been tested to the maximum available wind velocity of 16m/s with driving rain at the rate of 0.11L/s per m2 of louvre. No water penetrated the specimen at any time during the test.
louvre wall at the emporium.jpg
Product shall be Email Ventilation One Stage Louvre or One Stage Step Louvre (EA LV or SLV), in modular units or continuous line of site runs, with horizontal blade installation, manufactured from Aluminium, Colorbond or Zincalume. External “Z” shaped louvres shall be mounted on concealed brackets to provide an unbroken line over the entire length. Concealed supporting mullions will be attached to flashing, jam and sill at 1200mm maximum centres with the pitch of the blades at 100mm for LV or 90mm for SLV.
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The SLV provides a moderate level of weather protection. There are dual water channels, located at the step and the top of the blade which minimizes water ingression up and over the blade. Water will also collect on the underside of the blade above when the air passes through the louvre, causing it to drain from the system.
The SLV is a high performing ventilation product. With free area of up to 73%, dependant on the height and width of the louvre, it will provide a higher volume of air. Standard pitches are 90mm or 100mm.
Aluminium, Colorbond, Zincalume, Stainless Steel
Mill, anodised, powder coated or Colorbond
Formed or extruded
z Shape Step (SLV) or Plain (LV)
At mullion centres, generally at maximum 1200mm
Unique clipping system
90-100mm Pitch
Bird / Insect
Optional mesh for bird/insect protection
1-2mm formed Aluminium or Zincalume
Aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel
Internal or External Corners
Blanking Panels
Little or no maintenance required

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