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Unrestricted Airflow Ventilator (EA UAV)
Applications and Description
The UAV (Unrestricted Airflow Ventilator) is designed for fire and smoke exhaust as well as comfort ventilation. It can be installed in either the walls or roof for extraction, or fresh air inlet depending on requirements.
Designed for a wide range of wall and roof applications the UAV is a louvred unit which provides an almost completely unrestricted opening with around double the airflow capacity of traditional “tortuous path” ventilators.
Developed for fire, smoke and comfort ventilation the UAV can be installed in banks on a sloping roof - converting the area into both an unrestricted exhaust for hot air and fumes and an additional entry for sunlight or fresh air.
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Principle of Operation
UAV ventilators are designed for operation with a variety of controls. The weatherproof louvres can be operated manually or automatically to open or close, minimising heat losses in winter. A fusible link ensures full opening of the louvres in the event of fire.
The UAV is available with a variety of controls to suit all applications. These fall within two basic types - pneumatic and electric Ventilation:
UAV/P: Control by built-in pneumatic ram operated by air and attached to a control centre.  UAV/E: Control by Electric motor and control centre.
Fire ventilation:
UAVP/E: External control incorporating fusible link for automatic opening in the event of fire and with facility for rooftop testing.
Dual purpose:
UAVL/F: Control by single cable for manual operation and incorporating fusible link for fire ventilation.  UAVP/P: Control by built-in pneumatic ram and remote control centre with fire over-ride panel and fusible link.
Optional automatic closure in the event of rain through the Weather beater rain sensor system.
UAV/E: Control by electric motor connected to the control centre.
Control Boxes/Panels
There are 2 control boxes available for different applications.
Universal Control Panel (UCP)- A comprehensive system incorporating the latest electronic technology that can include indicator lights, manual controls, timers, rain sensors, heat sensors and the ability to connect unlimited units to it.
Fire Override Panel (FOP)- Our standard box with manual controls and a fusible link can be connected to the Fire Indicator Panel (FIP). Maximum of 6 units connected to any one FOP. Individual fusible links on the each UAV will melt at 70ºC.
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Product shall be Email Ventilation EA UAV dual purpose for comfort or smoke exhaust.
P- PNEUMATIC; incorporating over-riding fusible link operating at 70degC to provide automatic fire ventilation. Operated by individual built-in pneumatic cylinder designed to open ventilator under air pressure with automatic closing on pressure release. The system can also be reversed to close under air pressure. Cylinder supplied pre-packed with special grease.

E- ELECTRIC; for comfort or smoke exhaust. This is able to be connected to FIP for automatic protection.
Each unit requires a separate motor conforming to manufacturer's specification. Manufactured in aluminium, zincalume or Colorbond steel, complete with box-type base for mounting over suitable up stand or for use with flanged adaptor. Ventilators shall have been tested to establish the following criteria:
An aerodynamic co-efficient of 0.7, free area of up to 80%.
Capable of withstanding 220 mm/hr of rain with winds of 160 km/hr and a static load equivalent to a 208 km/hr wind load.
Capable of withstanding an upward thrust of 244 kg/m2 in the closed position.
Satisfactory for smoke exhaust and heat removal of specified area.
Correct functioning and durability for at least 80,000 open-and-close operations.
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Low profile: Enclosed operating blades offer excellent fire ventilation and reduced susceptibility to wind.
Ease of installation: Complete factory assembly ensures accuracy and ease of installation.
Range of sizes: UAV’s can be constructed in aluminium, zincalume or Colorbond steel. Other materials can be considered upon request to suit varying applications and environments.
Security: Even when left open, the louvre construction of the UAV provides an effective barrier against unauthorized entry.
Design considerations: In installations with high internal heat loads such as steelworks, foundries, glass works, etc. Email Ventilation Flat Ridge Ventilator (FRV) should be used in conjunction with the UAV to provide ventilation under all weather conditions.

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