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Solar Shading (SSV)
SSV Series Custom Solar Shading
SSV series of solar shading is an extremely versatile system that allows us to re-design the blade to suit the application. A standard range of blades are available, but pitch, blade width, lengths and angles can be changed depending on the appearance desired and the shading required.
Solar Shading (SSV)
Choosing the Right Product
Before specifying Email Ventilation Solar Shading, you will need to know the following information;
Project location and terrain category.  Height of proposed screen from ground level in metres.  Purpose of screens e.g. aesthetics, shading, privacy, ventilation.  Position of screen on building e.g. Face mounted, horizontal awning above window.  How it will be supported e.g. suspended between walls, top fixing only with cleat.
ssv louvre different profiles.jpg
ssv 6 sheldon college.jpg
ssv solar shading wickham st 314 x 235.jpg

These factors will help in creating the look and practical application required to suit your project. Weight is dependant on the blade type and pitch. Please contact our EAV Project Co-ordinators for calculating the weight on current product lines, or custom engineered blades. Pitch, positioning and blade type used on the solar shade are very important factors these will determine the following:
The amount of transparency internally.  The level of privacy from ground or lower levels.  The angle at which the sun penetrates the louvre.  The ambient light being let in to the building.
E.g. The SSV1 blade detailed here at 150mm pitch will not let direct sun through until it has less than 30º angle to the horizon. Privacy is low (from below the louvre), but this product will let in a large amount of ambient light.
We can custom make any desirable effect and pitch, just consult with any one of our professional team members for more information. If you have any problems with determining this, or other dimensions/angles, please contact our friendly staff to assist you.

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