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Sub Station Doors (Energex Approved)
Application & Description
The Email Ventilation Sub Station Door is an Energex approved product for all transformer, plant, electrical sub station and any room needing larger volumes of ventilation. The doors are manufactured from quality materials, accessories and a high standard of workmanship. The onestage step blade profile louvre is used to allow high volume of natural air flow, while still protecting the room from weather using the dual water channels to drain excess water. Louvre blades are able to be changed to other profiles if required.
EA Sub Station doors can be made to fit any size opening, giving flexibility to make larger doors that will maintain strength and high performance.

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Product shall be Email Ventilation Sub- Station doors (SSD) that are Energex approved. The louvre consists of a single stage step blade with 90mm pitch, complete with dual water run-o channels. Blades to be fixed to a concealed aluminium mullion. Frame consists of 50x50 extruded aluminium frames with 50x100 horizontal supports. Jamb and inserts are included for head and stiles.
Hardware to include; McCallum A104 aluminium heavy duty hinge (qty dependant on size); Lockwood 3582 barrel locking system; Bird/Vermin mesh to rear of louvres; drop bolts as needed; stopper; “D” or Lockwood 4801/70 Handle. Material is to be aluminium, in mill, anodised or powdercoat finish to colour specified.
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Extruded and form pressed aluminium.
Mill, anodised or powder coated
Form pressed EA SLV blade standard, others avail.
Single Stage design standard, two stage avail.
90-100mm Pitch
McCullum A104 Aluminium Heavy Duty Hinge
Bird / Insect
Mesh 12mm x 12mm for bird/insect protection
Extruded aluminium 50x50 frame.
Horiz. Supports
Extruded aluminium 50x100 horizontal supports.
Extruded aluminium 50x100 C-Channel to 3 sides
Extruded aluminium 50x95 E-Channel to 3 sides
Lockwood 3582 barrel locking system
“D” or Lockwood 4801/70 Handles
Drop Bolts
Concealed drop bolt installed on double doors.
Extruded Aluminium frame stop

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