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Maxi 3 Louvres
Applications & Description
EA Maxi 3 is a triple stage system, designed to aesthetically conceal vertically mounted intake and exhaust openings associated with air conditioning and ventilation systems, whilst providing high protection against wind and rain. The EA triple stage louvres are used when full weatherability is required and will provide full privacy with no vision through blades. These louvres are designed to give maximum prevention of ingression of wind and rain in extreme weather conditions. Most triple stage louvres will require a depth in excess of 250mm. The EAV system reduces this need to 160mm. The second and third stages are built into one blade.
Pitches for ventilation and weather performance;
Maxi 3 50mm pitch.
Ideal applications include wall ventilation in sub-stations, multi storey buildings, universities, schools and warehouse ventilation for maximum prevention of rain.
The Maxi 3 is assembled in the factory in modular form. It should be used as a triple stage louvre where ventilation is required with the need for high weatherability and aesthetic purposes.
High Performance Weatherable Louvre
Product shall be Email Ventilation Maxi 3 with 50mm pitch single blade containing 3 stages including high volume water drainage channel. Louvre shall have passed dynamic tests to a level of 1000 Pascals of upstream water pressure with no water penetration and a pressure drop no greater than 110Pa. Louvre to be installed in modular form with a maximum span of1500mm dependant on application and depth of no greater than 160mm. Blades to be clipped to a concealed mullion for strength and support and will be made from - aluminium, zincalume, or Colorbond. Finish is to be - mill, Colorbond, powder coated, anodised to specified colour.

The Maxi 3 is a single blade one and a half chevron louvre fully weatherproof under all conditions. The design will give privacy with no vision through the blades. Maximum spans of 1500mm are recommended, with the nominal depth of the louvre at approximately 160mm and a 50mm pitch. These units should fit neatly within block work and most other openings without overhang and the need for extra structural support. The FWL louvre system is a unique triple stage single blade design with excellent weatherability.
maxi 3 in modules good photo.jpg
Aluminium, Colorbond or Zincalume.
Mill, anodised, powder coated or Colorbond.
3 Stages, 1 Blade.
None- Modular unit up to 1500mm Span.
Concealed clips at module ends.
50mm pitch blade.
Bird / Insect
Optional mesh for bird/insect protection.
Built in to module side flashing.
Aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel.
Modular unit does not allow for corners.
Blanking Panels
Optional extra with or with out insulation.
Little or no maintenance required
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